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We are like the weather

In the recent weeks I have come across many people, friends and coaching clients, who were expressing frustration with themselves. Sometimes it was a physical pain, succumbing to a cold, … Continue reading

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Wait until your father gets home!

How would you portray a ‘company director’? You are very likely to think of a stereotypical authoritarian person, probably male, who will give instructions, may keep information from you, and … Continue reading

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Taking the agro out of the day-to-day – Non violent Communication

‘Agro’ = to create hostility in others, causing them to attack you. Taken from the urban dictionary. Stress, and lack of time make us ‘short’; we spit out what we’ve … Continue reading

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Who let the dog out? – A little bit about German procrastination

Here’s a German expression: ‘Den inneren Schweinehund überwinden” = to overcome the inner swinedog.   Not only does this expression make me laugh, I think it is also satisfyingly suitable. … Continue reading

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What does a Creative Producer actually do?

      Whereas when we first started the work of a producer should be invisible, the more invisible the better the producer, but nowadays where everybody is fighting for … Continue reading

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